Book of Mormon

We are nearly at the end of our ‘second honeymoon’. First time kid free, first time we have handed over care of our Abbey without us within shouting distance.

It’s a risk we take letting Abbey our of our care. Our phones have been glued to our sides with one of us checking in at least every 15 minutes, in case we missed a call.

The concern isn’t if someone can take as great a care of Abbey as me, that will NEVER occur! The concern is if we will see her again.

Today we took a huge risk, after the past few days getting comfortable with this new situation. We flew to Sydney to see The Book of Mormon – Australia. O.M.G.

We have been on knife edge. That thought, those concerns, you know the ones when you leave your child for the first time with someone so you can have some fun, with as little guilt as possible!

It’s been amazing, but sheesh it’s a relief to be home, closer to our girl.

PS the play was hilarious!

Walking in the sun

A day in fresh air and the sun. A 7.2km walk along Ugly Gully Trail enjoying the birds, the huge drops off the side of mountains wondering (morbidly) how long it would take to find a human body if we were to fall (nothing too gruesome, of course).

Post-trek late lunch at The Reserve at Anstead which we can now whole-heartedly recommend as a dog-friendly cafe/restaurant. Amazing (and generously portioned) salt & pepper calamari, and a club sandwich to die for.

And we are still astonished at the contents of our Box.

Star Wars

What a hoot to see the new Star Wars film, Solo. Thanks to the generosity of those who give to Hummingbird House we were able to participate in a special event that there is no way we could have done without the support of family and this amazing place.

We stayed out late. We got to snuggle in the cinema.

How was the movie? FABULOUS. A missing link in the Star Wars story. The question on how Chewy and Solo met is answered. Finally!

Capturing Moments

Capturing moments within the chaos we engage in seemingly every minute is critical to making sense of our journey together as husband and wife. Tonight we are child-free for the first time in nearly 13 years. We stayed up late (for us on a school night) to see a live sketch comedy show by Cheeky Moon and laughed out loud at their energy, intelligence and irreverence.

Dates with Husband

These have become the travel time to appointments and 5 minute sit downs while waiting for a coffee.

It’s sad, it’s also a little annoying. But at the moment it’s about taking every moment and making it something more.

We would love to go out to dinner, but it will come.


Travelling in the car to the appointment is the time taken to order entree and chat about the day.

Waiting for that coffee is eating main course and dreaming about what we will do next.

Driving home is dessert, the time you cannot wait to walk through the door and relax together.