To Feed Abbey

It Takes 5 departments, 2 parents, 2 carers, 3 teachers and 3 brothers to feed and medicate Abbey.

James suggested sharing what it takes to feed and medicate our girl. As I have thought about how I would show this, it occurred to me it’s a convoluted group of people and departments.

Let’s begin.

Abbey is fed via Mickey Peg in her tummy. This device allows us to keep her fed and medicated. This is where the 5 departments come in.

The Mickey Peg comes from the Gastro Dept once a year.
The connecting feeding tube and syringes come come the Consumables Department every 3 months.
The food and giving sets come from Nutricis every 2 months.
The little straws to enable us to administer medication comes from the Pharmacy Department every month.
And lastly a Dietician to write the food scripts once a school term.

Then we have 7 people who are able to put the puzzle of pieces together so that she can eat.

Dan is learning how. Nate and Ali are learning how to use the pump machine.

If you are confused, then so am I on a monthly basis. Keeping up with it is just silly. But it’s how it is.

The photos just show all the bits. I suggest shaking your head, giggle at the ridiculousness and have a wine for me. It is not possible to piece this together with a few drinks in you.