Photo a day for 2018

On 13 December 2017, I decided to start the 365 day countdown again for a couple of reasons:
– there is so much happening for Abbey and our family, I cannot succinctly put it into a weekly post.
– I am having a lot of trouble keeping everyone updated on our adventures. 
– I have missed meeting new people through this process.
– and I think it’s good for my own mental health.

I hope you will join me for another 365 days sharing my life as Abbeys carer. I can promise it’s not going to be bland!

Today I start with some very bland reading to continue my research for the NDIS. A meeting with our social worker suggestion I go through these thrilling documents to understand what is on offer, then structure our goals for Abbey.

My Abbey is great today. Her ability to walk assisted is coming back, to her great enjoyment. She had a rough week of seizures and walking was a little difficult.

Tennille and Abbey