Thankful for the opportunity

I have not expressed how thankful we are to have the opportunity to trial the marijuana oil. After seeing the 730 Report last night on accessing it, I’m even more grateful.

It will continue to amaze me how beauracracy at all levels of government can determine the health care that parents can provide their child.

Every special needs parents is more vulnerable to this. We are less likely to fight because we are already snowed under. If we do choose to fight the beauracracy, it is done so because our child needs it. It will take our already depleted reserves of time, energy and brain spaces.

Sometimes we need someone to stand along side us. Sometimes we need someone to listen and just explain a decision. Most of the time though, we need someone to answer our questions. And the answer can be ‘I don’t know, but let me find out’.

That statement is very powerful. It leaves me feeling like someone heard, someone cares, someone believes my girl deserves better.

If we don’t win the fight after exhausting all known avenues, and someone was with us. That’s ok.

We may have preserved some of our depleted energy, time and brain space.