Where is the wine when you need it?

Some days in a carers life are huge because you receive news you were not expecting, or some thing happens that shifts plans or dynamics. Or if you are really lucky you are ‘blessed’ with both in one day.

Today was a Hugely Bless-ful Day.

It was going to be a busy day anyway.

I went grocery shopping, which I have not done for 4 months. Still not an exciting event!
Some blood tests to check up on my health.
Coffee with my special friends who are just like me, coping with the crazy.
We have a new oven and range hood that James is installing.
James has finished the front wheelchair ramp. (Photo soon).
Plus general mummy stuff.

Then the news… one of our favourite carers will be moving on. For special needs parents this is the equivalent to a punch in the guts. It shifts your world. But it’s bittersweet as we have seen many carers going onto bigger and better careers and the joy they have brung to our lives.

Then the event … Abbey has her first big seizure while awake AND walking with assistance. Watching closer now as it’s a little dangerous for her and carer to catch Abbey. We need to think about safety when assisting her to walk, while encouraging her towards independence.

Sooooo it’s been a very huge day.

Sheesh, where is the wine?!

Photo: there are a few holes in the kitchen. I have an empty wine glass. I have looked high and low. Might need to go the whiskey!