Birthdays, Easter and Special Needs

Every special needs parent knows any special occasion is a game of Russian Roulette. Will we make it to the day? What illness will present? Is my child sensory safe? Plus the hundreds of other questions or concerns that arise. In the end we want to celebrate too, with even more gusto and excitement. Beware if we do make, we will milk every single drop from the occasion.

This weekend is my birthday – April’s Fools Day, Easter and the Easter Bunny comes. Add in that Abbey has not had a big seizure for 5 days, but continued with jerks and vacant seizures. She has also had some tummy upset. What this weekend would present, was a huge question? Here is how we tried to put it together.

Easter bunny was kept simple and the search for eggs was at 5 am this morning. A very efficient bunny.

Easter is about family time for us, plus being my birthday, so a hike was in order. We did it! Between 7 and 9am we walked 6 km on a local track. It’s was classed as a medium level track, but pushing 50kg up and down shale-covered hills nearly killed James. Abbey loves the bumps and wobbles, but did protest at the deep gullys. We know for next time to look for an easy level hike!

And birthdays in our family can last weeks. This year I expressed weeks ago 3 things I’d like to do: build a plant stand, hike, and a lemon meringue pie. Plant stand built by James and boys yesterday and hike today. Lemon meringue pie will come later, we ran out of biscuits and my dear girl had that big seizure last night and today we are up to jerk/vacant seizure number 10. She is also having very uncomfortable belly issues.

Sure we haven’t done as much as normal, it was lower key too. But it’s been a blast!