Christmas 2017

…and I thought I was organised for Christmas. I like to be organised as it helps manage the load, but tonight it turns out I’m not. All I can do is laugh.

Here’s the story about Christmas dinner and Christmas stockings.

James and I have been without an oven for 2 years. That’s ok, we have a slow cooker and a deep fryer. No worries. We have saved up and we are ready to buy. Well we ran out of time while he was on holidays to purchase a new oven, especially for our traditional Christmas roast.

That’s ok, let’s get a Webber BBQ and do a roast chook in that. Great idea for Christmas dinner.

Well we ran out of time again over the weekend as we went hard at doing the wheelchair ramp for our front door and forgot!

Now it’s the rundown to Christmas and work schedules are long and still several more meetings for Abbeys’ needs. I’m not going to get to buy a Webber. But it’s ok. We have the slow cooker, not quite what we planned, but it will work.

James and I also spent a day wrapping all of the presents last week as we knew these next 10 days are too full. I usually buy the gifts, but this year I have forgotten about the Christmas stockings. Sheesh!

I’m racking the brain as to what to do and get the kids. Maybe Santa’s presents can be spread out a bit more this year? Ha. It’s all good, we will make it work.

It’s a strange place to be in for our family at the moment. We are processing the palliative status, Abbeys new seizure pattern, NDIS meetings, Christmas, boys excitement and general life!

In sharing our crazy Christmas, I ask you to start a conversation with someone who may be struggling to celebrate the special event in their life. How can you help? Can you be a sounding board?

Photo: very rough day for my girl. A new seizure type is presenting itself. It’s a very sneaky type. You think all is fine, walk away and then the seizure explodes.