Do I need a cleaner?

Our time is packed full. We are not busy to be busy. I work every moment to be as efficient as possible. It’s a logistical juggling act to provide Scouts for the boys, wage earning for James, small business for me and caring for Abbey. All activities are constantly assessed for their benefit, and they all continue to rank highly for our mental and physical well being.

As such I finally accepted that the last sliver of what a normal life is to me is gone. I have held onto it for so long as a beacon of normality. This weekend was a ridiculous example of how this is no longer healthy.

For those who have followed this journey for a while, will know I looked into getting a cleaner to assist. Well, I’m back to this point.

The housework took 5 hours on the weekend, instead of the usual 1 to 2 hours due to seizures, Nappy changes, getting ready for school plus all the normal family life stuff. With so little down time or family time, we need to make a change.

I have spent 2 days researching, and the cost is too much. So I’m left wondering how to cheat at housework but maintain cleanliness?