Peace as we prepare for palliative


We constantly talk about peace. The Dalai Lama talks about peace. It’s such a simple topic. It’s so hard to achieve. There is an element of coming to peace with peace. Letting go of all those things that gave meaning to our emotions and reactions.

At the moment there is a focus on providing peace for Abbey in the ending moments. This is wonderful, but I’m wondering; what about peace now? Peace tomorrow? Peace for everyone else?

Abbey has brought together, of her own accord, an amazing group of people. She shares her love willingly with those who share theirs. She demands focus and attention from those around her, but peaceful attention. I know we all strive to do that, no matter where we are currently. She makes us stop the chatter in our head, forget the people annoying us for a moment and to reconsider those things we cannot control in our lives.

Abbey has the freedom and ability to do it instantly. She does not even know she can do it, so why can’t I?

I’m always working towards simplicity and reducing the chaos. Now it’s about finding peace with the chaos and the demands that are placed upon us that I cannot control. Working towards calmness in my own reactions. Gradually accepting that I cannot provide for the needs of all the others, especially emotionally.

It’s not about cutting myself off. It’s not about ignoring. It’s not even about saying no. It’s about a genuine connection in each moment. I will give of myself fully in every situation I can. It’s about choosing to be calm, listening to self and responding in a peaceful way. (Maybe sometimes its a forceful way with a lot of peace attached.)

Abbey is the calm in the centre of this storm. I’m choosing to join her.