How to help, when you cannot

It’s hard watching a friend or a family member travel the journey of caring for a child with specials needs, let alone a life-limiting condition.

We can feel helpless, and I know the feeling. I see many of my friends battling conditions they can’t solve for their child. They don’t know what to do next or what is even normal. Their childs’ condition and the impact upon their family is completely different to mine. But I know the feelings of overwhelm, frustration and sadness, mixed with the moments of extreme joy and relief.

If you feel like you can do nothing, but really want to assist. Can I suggest donating to a charity that will directly help your loved one?

For our family we put forward Hummingbird House, a place for children who have life-limiting conditions or palliative status can be cared for medically and safely. For the first time in 12 years, our family visited in February and we had special moments, as a family, while Abbey was safe. And for the first time, I have somewhere I can turn when it gets too hard.

Hummingbird House is funded primarily by donations, as are so many other disability community services. Sometimes there is nothing you can do, because we need the assistance of professionals. Can you help us to continue to access these services? Can you do your next fundraiser at work for the charity/organisation/community services that is dear to your loved ones heart?

If you are not sure, please ask us.