Our first High Tea together.

It took a team of people to make this happen.

I have wanted to go for over a month, but there was too much scheduled for today. Then events were cancelled and it became possible on Thursday last week. I went to book tickets and sales had closed. Bumma.

But the amazing lady who was running the event knows what it is like to live with a special and beautiful girl like Abbey. She got us in the door and a seat at the table.

It took 2 very handsome chaperones to get us to and from our table. It was not very wheelchair friendly, but these amazing men found us a way.

Abbeys carer came too, so we could enjoy the event and I could have assistance when needed.

It was this team who has allowed me to tick one event off my ‘Mummy and Daughter’ list of attending a High Tea with Abbey.

And the best part was supporting this amazing lady’s charity, GiveAbility – children with special needs.