Clearing time to Clear the mind.

CDKL5 is continuing to challenge my time as I medically care for Abbey. From seizures to hair thinning to skin integrity maintenance to managing the admin and therapists/doctors to just having fun, it is doing my head in. Every day what I think is or should be normal ‘sky rockets out the window’. When I think I have a grip on our new ‘normal’, it shifts again.

So the past few days have seen us say yes to new things and no to old thoughts. Coming to accept a new normal as often as we are, is challenging in itself.

And by a new normal, I mean a new routine, a new rythmn and new worries. It’s changing very fast.

Goodbye to stressing about getting housework done.
Goodbye to feeling guilty for not calling family or friends.
Goodbye to decisions in my business that don’t empower or help me thrive.

Hello to, Wally, our new robotic vacuum cleaner.
Hello to asking for assistance and giving little gifts.
Hello to socialising with empowering women.
Hello to cocktails nights.