Motherhood untethered

At the end of some days as a mother, you can feel yourself starting to become untethered. We all know raising kids is hard work, can just suck sometimes, but then they do or say something that melts your heart, then you explode with love but feeling crappy for thinking such things.

It’s normal.

Trying to raise amazing little human beings is a test of any parents’ personal and mental wellbeing.

Add in special needs and I’m finding these school holidays that my abilities to grow, to problem solve or to plan have reached their limits. More and more I’m finding my brain just cannot take on any more. It’s surprising to reach my limits, to truly know I can’t do more.

This is ok. This is normal.

What is the hardest is the need to keep going. Like any parent, it never stops. Kids still need you, need guidance, need love and some discipline. But my Abbey needs more of me these days, so other things are left. The kids come first, everything else is second.

Today I’m untethered.
Today I have no more capacity to entertain, discipline or play.
Today I cried.
Today I hugged my kids.
Today I embrace my limits and celebrate that I know them.

Now I find a tiny moment for me, as it will all start again tomorrow.

Photo: a trip to the local library was a lot of fun. Abbey loves it there.