Soft Landings

Never underestimate the love and support others want to provide, when they feel there is not more they can do for your situation.

Coming to Melbourne was a big step for me this time. I love to travel, but this time it took a bit of arse-kicking to get me out the door. It’s been a long week for palliative care appointments and phone calls besides the normal stuff. There has been a heavy feeling of sadness, that is generalised.

After my free time in Melbourne city chatting to my drunken companions, I went into the church I was loitering outside of and sat in silence. Let the mind run free. Stopped trying to figure it all out. Just be.

For the next two days I stayed with a long time uni friend and my aunt. Both places and families provided a safe place to land. Gentle conversations and too much wine for me, further let my mind rest.

Now I’m heading home to it all again. This has not been an escape, it has been a chance to let the sadness dissipate and be replaced with love, support and ready to tackle it all again.

It’s easy to feel alone in shocking or frustrating situations that just don’t end, but you can also feel lonely. Some of the sadness is the loneliness at facing it by myself in the moments I need too. But always, ALWAYS, I have a soft landing after, in more places than I think!