I place a priority on caring for myself to ensure I’m able to function physically and mentally with everything that is going on. To be honest, it is effing hard at the moment. I use all of the strategies suggested by the professionals: eat well, exercise more than I ever have, find moments to relax and switch off, but it turns out my body is struggling.

A trip to the doc for the annual skin check, brought up the funny little rash I have been experiencing for a few months. I have gone through the list of things to manage it (eg changing shampoos, wash, detergents etc) and nothing helped. It’s a bit irritating to be itchy, it looks like I’m diseased.

Turns out I am not diseased. It’s a stress rash. Never had one in all of my life.

This leaves me a little perplexed, because how do I reduce the stress levels? How do I make changes to all the things that NEED doing for it to be less stressful? Where do I turn when I don’t know what is causing the additional stress? Is it stress or unspoken emotional burden?

Don’t worry, please. I’m mentally fabulous. But it’s weird when you think you are on top of it all, your body lets you know otherwise. I’m going to listen to my body, discover the hiding stressor and flick them to the curb!

(How can I not share another photo of my girl? Im so proud of her for what she achieved this day. This is the equivalent to one of my boys earning a challenging Scout Badge!)