We know what is best.

Every special needs parent knows their child the best. Of course.

But most of us are travelling this journey blind.

We don’t always know what is the best strategy for our child, which therapy to give priority to or even, what to expect tomorrow. We can only choose what gives the most desirable results and be ready to change course suddenly.

What we do know is our child’s signs, symptoms or behaviours. And they can be deceptive to those who don’t know our child or their condition. A lot of the time, we are the only ones who know. And telling someone else, who could be family, friends, medical personal or carers, can take some convincing.

This is Abbey in a deep, peaceful slumber. There is no seizure activity that is presenting. But… this is the precursor to a big seizure. People would not believe us until that seizure arrived. Tonight it came 3 hours later and was a doozy.