Working with the school to prepare for palliative.

Each day we are preparing for ‘the event’. Now that the word palliative has been associated with the medical needs of Abbey, I need to write and chat about some horrid topics.

Today I had to write an email for her teachers. Here is the essence of the letter.

“Hi Ladies
Just had ‘that’ phone call with school nurse. Icky!

We chatted about EQ policy and our wishes for Abbey should ‘the event’ happen at school. School nurse suggested we have a chat with Principal about ‘the event’, but I would really love it if one of you can be there please? Or both for such a lovely chat. Ha! It is so important you are involved in every step of this as you will be at the forefront. We are keeping those who are directly involved with Abbey close.

So I will be chatting to Ambulance Organisation first about their procedures and requirements, then wait for the letter to come through from Dr re palliative/resuscitations stuff and finally for James and I to process all of this before coming in to chat to Principal and you. Ick.

At the moment I would want to know:
(a big long series of stuff about how EQ policies and procedures intersect with our wishes and Abbeys needs)

For all moments in this journey we are looking for peace. Peace for Abbey. Peace for us. Peace for those involved with her care.


No photo: Please take a moment and hug those you love.