Own the moment

One of Abbey’s greatest gift to me is learning to own the moment.

This photo was taken recently at school by her teacher. It is one in a series of 3 photos that were presented to me by her teachers as a Mothers Day Gift. Upon seeing them, I felt terribly sick, then heartfelt sadness, then overwhelming joy. From a flitting moment of what life could have been, to what life is, to ‘OMG she¬†is just gorgeous and she is MINE’, all in a second.

Abbey lives in the moment, but more than that she owns it. If she is happy, she lets everyone know, and calls out for people to come join her. If she is sad or upset, she lets us know that she needs help or comfort. If she is tired she sleeps. She never is passive in a moment; she owns it and invites others to join her (or tells us to nick off in none-too-subtle terms so she can be alone).

This gorgeous photo shows a moment in which the seizures were not present, she was loving standing up against a wall and she was with her favourite people. She wasn’t just present, she was taking control and milking it for all that she can for her entertainment.

And that is where we, as a family, are at. Owning our moments and choosing joy wherever we can.