Book of Mormon

We are nearly at the end of our ‘second honeymoon’. First time kid free, first time we have handed over care of our Abbey without us within shouting distance.

It’s a risk we take letting Abbey our of our care. Our phones have been glued to our sides with one of us checking in at least every 15 minutes, in case we missed a call.

The concern isn’t if someone can take as great a care of Abbey as me, that will NEVER occur! The concern is if we will see her again.

Today we took a huge risk, after the past few days getting comfortable with this new situation. We flew to Sydney to see The Book of Mormon – Australia. O.M.G.

We have been on knife edge. That thought, those concerns, you know the ones when you leave your child for the first time with someone so you can have some fun, with as little guilt as possible!

It’s been amazing, but sheesh it’s a relief to be home, closer to our girl.

PS the play was hilarious!