Start a Conversation Today

Start a Conversation Today

I am asked consistently if what I post on this page can be shared. In short, YES IT CAN and YES YOU CAN.

My purpose in sharing our story on this page is not to keep family and friends updated (this is just an added benefit). It is not to beg for your sympathy. Its not to have you feel sorry for me, Abbey or our family.

The PURPOSE of Voice of a Carer is for the following reasons and before I post anything here it must meet these guidelines. I have made these up for my own personal security and that of my family.

– what I post is an honest reflection of my thoughts, feelings and actions. It requires me to be very vulnerable, but I can control how much I share.
– it does not put me, Abbey or my family in an awkward position. It is not embarrassing or diminishes the dignity of any of us.
– its to provide a voice for other carers. To maybe allow other carers know they are not alone. To let other carers know that this role really sucks sometimes and its ok to say that. But on this journey we grow, we share and we become amazing people.
– to raise the profile of kids with disabilities and with medical needs in general.
– and finally to raise the profile of kids with rare conditions like my girl, Abbey.

If sharing what we posts means I can touch someone, assist someone, share with someone in one moment, then I have achieved my goal.

Please share. Please start a conversation with your friends, family and strangers. Say hello and smile to every carer you see. And lastly cuddle your precious people today!