Little Brothers ROCK!

Abbey cannot be left alone due to the seizures. Never have been able to leave her alone.

This does place a few constraints on the favourite past time of parents, when we whip in and out of a place, leaving kids in the car alone. You know what I mean.

Dan took this picture this morning with his sister while he waits in the car with her. I drop off his brothers to vacation care and sign them in. Once I come out, Dan can go. If while I’m in the building Abbey has a seizure, Dan honks the horn to let me know.

Why don’t I take Abbey out of the car to drop the boys off? Two reasons. One, the wheelchair ramp access is locked and yes, they would unlock it for me if I ask. But more importantly, it’s a pain in the arse to get the wheelchair in and out of the car for a 1 minute pit stop.